📢 Fully Interactive Online Meetings – See and Hear All the Attendees

You asked, we delivered. This product upgrade will enable you to run online business meetings at its finest. From now on, you can meet online, talk, see, and hear each other in real-time. Let’s take a closer look.


If you manage a distributed team, run projects with the help of freelancers, teach students remotely, or organize daily meetups with your board members or business partners, this ClickMeeting’s product announcement is for you!


From this moment, running online meetings will be more productive than ever! You can get together with a group of 25 people and conduct a virtual conference where everyone can see, hear, and talk to each other.


How does it work? With this version of our platform, you can adjust your meeting room’s view to your needs:

  • Select the gallery view to let up to 25 attendees talk, present their work, and brainstorm ideas.
  • Make the presenter’s stream the leading one if you conduct an online class, a town hall meeting, or pitch your app to angel investors.
  • Switch between the views at any time during the session to fit the needs of your online business meeting or class.


You can also stay in full control of your online meetups by:

  • Assigning presenters;
  • Turning participants’ cameras and microphones on and off;
  • Moderating your discussions by blocking or unblocking selected attendees;
  • Running private chats;
  • Logging someone out of the meeting.


If you combine all those aspects with other ClickMeeting features such as screen sharing, whiteboard, presentation, you will receive a fully-equipped tool for online meetings.

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