🔊 AV Tester – Your New Way to Check Your Sound and Image Quality

Seamless audio and video are fundamental to run a successful webinar or online meeting. That’s why we are excited to introduce our new feature which will help you to test your microphone and camera before you go live. Here comes the AV tester – your final sound and image check before starting your event.


Whether you use the ClickMeeting platform to connect with your colleagues and team members or to share your knowledge with students or customers, it’s essential to make sure your audience will see and hear you perfectly.


This is where our new AV Tester comes in handy. Once you enter your webinar room, you will see a pop-up where you can:


  • Check if the system detects your mic and webcam;
  • Test the audio level;
  • And with just two clicks, find out how you will look and sound during your event.


If you’re happy with the effect, you can either start your event at once or prepare your webinar room before your attendees show up.


When you organize a meeting or want to enable anyone to become a presenter during your webinar, the AV Tester will also be available for them to check their audio and video quality.

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