🍾 Breakout Rooms are Here! Meet with Your Attendees in Smaller Groups

We have a new way for you to meet online and work closely with your students and attendees. With the help of freshly released breakout rooms, you can easily break your online event into smaller, interactive groups!


Who are breakout rooms for?


You will find this ClickMeeting product upgrade exciting if you:


  • Meet your students online and need to create smaller groups dedicated to particular subjects;
  • Run professional training sessions and need to break them down to work on specific topics;
  • Work on big projects remotely and need to brainstorm ideas in smaller teams;
  • Host interactive workshops during your virtual conferences.



How will breakout rooms work?


Once you enter your online event, you can easily create even 20 smaller rooms where up to 25 people can focus on a more interactive learning method. This means that if you have an audience of 500 people, you can divide them into 20 groups and work with them more closely.


It’s entirely up to you who you will assign to which group and how long such sessions should last. Handy enough – you can add more time to them if you feel you need to spend some more time with your group!


What’s more, as a host or a presenter, you can send chat messages to all your attendees without having to jump from one room to another. And when an attendee requires your assistance, but you’re in a different group at the moment, they can let you know by clicking the “Need help” status available in the chat window.



Why the ClickMeeting platform is a fine choice for managing breakout rooms?


Splitting your online event into breakout rooms works great if you want to engage your students or trainees to work with each other with cameras and audio. Those smaller events have all the online meeting features:


  • Option to turn on a webcam and mic for every attendee;
  • Screen sharing for each person in the room;
  • Drawing on a whiteboard or displaying files – also for everyone!


But there’s more! Breakout rooms are:


  • Well-protected – their URLs are not public, so no one uninvited can get through;
  • 100% no-install solution, which means your attendees can join them through a desktop browser;
  • Super mobile-friendly – hosts, presenters, and attendees can participate in an event with their mobile devices, using a mobile app or a mobile browser.



How to start breaking down your online events into breakout rooms?


Click here to find out!



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