ClickMeeting Launches Brand-New Mobile App for iOS and Android

The world is going mobile, and so are webinars – now ClickMeeting users can run and participate in webinars on the go with no loss of quality.

Gdańsk, Poland – October 28, 2016ClickMeeting, a premier provider of webinar solutions for business, has launched a new mobile application for iOS and Android. The version comes with a new interface and features, and offers improved speed and data usage, bringing the power of webinars to mobile devices.

The world is going mobile, and so are webinars. As a provider of a complete webinar solution, ClickMeeting is on the mission to fulfill its customers’ needs by bringing the most important features to the mobile app. Now ClickMeeting users can run and participate in webinars on the go with no loss of quality.

To achieve that goal, the ClickMeeting Mobile App was designed and built from scratch.


New in ClickMeeting Mobile App

This new version includes the following characteristics:

  • Brand-new, more robust and reliable mechanisms implemented.
  • Implementation of GPU-accelerated computing, offering unprecedented application performance by offloading compute-intensive portions of the application to the GPU (Graphic Processing Unit).
  • Brand-new, modern, attractive interface that is more user-friendly both for webinar hosts and attendees.


The new version includes the following new features:

  • Built-in event creator allowing users to create time-scheduled and permanent events with a choice of access options: open to all, password protected, or token protected.
  • Broadcast of video files directly from mobile devices.
  • Real-time preview of surveys and tests.
  • Color-coded chat with messages from hosts highlighted with a different color to make conversations clearer for attendees.
  • File preview feature enabling tablet users to check files they want to open during the presentation to avoid confusion on file format while running the event.
  • Ability for hosts to add and remove files from their device library using mobile app.


From a user’s perspective, the new app not only runs much faster and smoother than before, but it is also more flexible and intuitive.

The app for iPhone and iPad is available free in the Apple Store. The Android version can be downloaded from Google Play.


About the Company

ClickMeeting brings the power of videoconferencing to organizations of any size, from one-person entrepreneurships to large multinational enterprises such as Siemens, Sony, GlaxoSmithKline and Harvard Business Review. Originally developed by GetResponse, ClickMeeting spun-off this year as an independent company to establish the brand and pursue an aggressive growth strategy. For more information, please visit

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