ClickMeeting Releases New Knowledge Base

ClickMeeting announces the release of a brand new Knowledge Base, a portal containing everything users need to know about using and benefiting from ClickMeeting.




Printable Manuals – Easy to follow instructions explaining how to use ClickMeeting features.

Concise Video Tutorials  – A set of to-the-point videos explaining how the features and options work and how to get things done.

Enlightening Infographics – Infographics that bring tips, tricks, and interesting facts together in one place.

Searchable FAQs – Answers to common questions and solutions to common problems, organized logically and including a search engine.




New Account Panel – A flexible new account panel gives organizers more ways to customize the meeting experience for participants and presenters. Invitations can now be customized using attractive online templates. The Profile Page has been expanded to make room for a comprehensive description of the company or presenter. Visual branding such as logo and color scheme can now be applied to most attendee-facing elements. The Agenda can now be created and customized. The new panel also features a handy Events Timeline with essential details on past and future events.

Audio Modes – During a meeting, the presenter can now switch audio modes with a single click. Listen Only mode mutes the audience, as in a typical webinar. Q&A mode lets the presenter recognize one participant at a time to speak. Discussion mode allows all attendees to participate in the conversation. Private mode allows presenters to speak to each other without being heard by participants. Presenters and attendees who participate by telephone use the telephone keypad to control the audio options.

Layout Settings – During meetings, a Settings link gives organizers one-click control of the layout. The layout includes a 4-pod camera and voice feed, attendee list, presentation area, and chat box. Each pod can be moved, re-sized, enlarged to fill the entire window, or temporarily removed. During setup, the organizer can define multiple layouts then save them for use during the meeting.

“These enhancements help meeting organizers stand out in the crowd, said Mr. Grabowski. “And they give ClickMeeting a solid competitive advantage over other solutions, some of which are far more expensive than our service.”

To check out these new features, grab a ClickMeeting 30-Day Free Trial, no credit card required.




ClickMeeting is a browser-based platform for creating ad hoc meetings, scheduled webinars and training sessions. The rebranding tools is used to add a logo and customize the look and feel of the meeting room and waiting room.

The meeting room accommodates up to 4 presenters and can transfer voice to any attendee. Free mobile apps enable hosts and attendees to meet via Apple iPad, Galaxy Android, Blackberry PlayBook, iPhone and Android smartphones.

ClickMeeting includes a presentation tool for slideshows, images, videos, and documents for collaboration. The whiteboard enables presenters to draw, markup and notate. Desktop sharinghelps minimizing time delays and problems with synchronization. For instant feedback, presenters can collect online Polls and enable Chat, translated into 52 languages.

The recording feature allows users to share the event on a website or at the account panel. The platform gathers statistics of all of the events and their attendees.




ClickMeeting was developed by parent company GetResponse, a leading provider of practical, cost-effective software for businesses of any size. ClickMeeting uses Cloud technology to facilitate face-to-face online collaboration with participants worldwide. For more information, please visit

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