ClickMeeting Zeroes In on the Webinar Market, Unveiling New Functionalities and Packages

Now an independent spin-off, ClickMeeting plans aggressive growth in competitive markets worldwide.


Gdansk, Poland – August 18, 2016ClickMeeting today announced sweeping changes in their videoconferencing platform following their recent spin-off from parent company GetResponse. The changes reflect the company’s plan to reposition the platform primarily as a webinar service.

“Over the years, we added scalable systems to handle large audiences and provide greater flexibility,” said Simon Grabowski, ClickMeeting Founder and CEO. “We found that webinar marketing is a perfect niche for us. Going forward, we’ll lead with our webinar functionality.”

To execute the shift, ClickMeeting fine-tuned their service packages and developed enhancements to serve enterprise and high-volume webinar marketers.



The webinar packaging options are designed to accommodate different business needs.

Starter: This economical plan enables businesses to run high-quality webinars as they gain experience and grow the size of their audience.

Pro: This mid-priced package adds HD video to impress their larger audiences and archive storage for added convenience.

Enterprise: This ultimate plan includes all features of Pro plus live webcasting and parallel sessions. Packages can be customized for audiences of up to 5000.



The platform includes the following changes and enhancements:

Event scheduling: In prior versions, the system asked users to decide in advance whether to configure their event as a meeting or a webinar. In the new version, the user simply creates an online event and, inside the online event room, chooses Discussion mode for an online meeting or Listen only mode for a webinar. The user can switch from mode to mode at any time, including during the event.

Webinar archive: This enhancement provides the convenience of storing webinar recordings in the cloud. Archive storage is above and beyond the bracketed allotment of recording time allowed in each plan.

Multi-user logins: This feature gives multiple users unique login credentials to access one account.

HD format: The popular high definition format is now standard in PRO and Enterprise packages. If necessary, you can still use the SD format.

User interface: The graphic design of online event rooms has been upgraded to match the appearance and style of the new ClickMeeting website.


“Webinar hosts will find all the communication tools they need, integrated into a smooth, user-friendly interface,” said Simon Grabowski, “leaving presenters free to educate, inspire, and interact with their audience.”

To try the new features, sign up for a ClickMeeting 30-day free trial, no credit card required. To review the new pricing schedule, visit the pricing page.



ClickMeeting brings the power of videoconferencing to organizations of any size, from one-person entrepreneurships to large multinational enterprises such as Siemens, Sony, GlaxoSmithKline and Harvard Business Review. Originally developed by GetResponse, ClickMeeting spun-off this year as an independent company to establish the brand and pursue an aggressive growth strategy. For more information, please visit

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