Run, manage, and change the background in online events. Do it with one desktop app.

We, as the ClickMeeting team, create and join tons of events on ClickMeeting every day. We decided to make it easier and faster, for you and yes… for us too, by creating a desktop app.


The app is still in beta version but we already want to give you access to the benefits it provides as it worked for us it can work for you too.


The desktop app gives you a faster and easier way to get multiple online meetings under control. Meetings you run. Meetings you attend. Permanent, favorites, those you cannot miss joining. All that’s ahead – listed right on your desktop.


  • Change or blur the background to make you feel comfortable in conference rooms.
  • Keep your upcoming meetups in intuitive categories on your dashboard.
  • Open your dashboard, choose your event, and hop in with just one click.
  • No need to enter login, email, and password before each meeting.


Are you ready to make your video conferences fast and easy?
Download and install ClickMeeting’s desktop meeting app today and streamline your team collaboration.

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