👩‍🎓 Edu Mode joins ClickMeeting learning toolkit!

Edu Mode is here!


A solution created for all those who conduct various types of educational activities remotely. It provides a comfortable environment, allowing learners to focus on specific tasks or listening, taking care of their privacy and reducing stress.


How? Take a quick look at the video:


*Edu Mode is included in all free, live and automated plans.


More solutions for online education


In addition to Edu Mode, ClickMeeting provides plenty of features that support online education. Here’s a list of must-have tools you need to make friends with to create a savvy virtual classroom.


Online meetings

Feel like you are in a real classroom or a lecture room where (up to) 25 participants can see, hear, and talk to each other in real time.


Breakout rooms

Divide attendees into small groups, such as project teams, and let them collaborate on tasks.

Presentation, Screen sharing, Video playing, Whiteboard, Chatbox, Polls and Surveys

A full kit of interactive tools that will help you increase engagement and run more interesting classes.


Automated and On-demand webinars

Thanks to various webinar automation tools, you can save tons of precious time and focus on other educational activities that require your attention.


Security tools

Protect your online classroom against security breaches with a password of your choice or a unique token.


And that’s not all we’ve got! Visit the ClickMeeting blog to learn more about all the tools we’ve rolled out to help teach in the virtual classroom in a comfortable and professional way.

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