Introducing a new, much-requested feature: On-Demand Webinars 

July 31, 2018 – ClickMeeting, a provider of webinar software for businesses, has introduced a new feature, On-Demand Webinars. The feature enables users to host pre-recorded webinars.


With On-Demand Webinars, ClickMeeting users have a new way to engage with their audience. They can share their pre-recorded webinars, so their audience can access it anytime, on-demand.


“This new feature is a direct response to our customers’ feedback. We keep developing our software so that they can find more business opportunities with it,” said Raymond Dziemaszkiewicz, Product Owner of ClickMeeting. “With On-Demand Webinars our users can grow their lead base without leaving the comfort of their living room. It’s easy, effective and beneficial both for our customers and their audience.”

On-Demand Webinars enable ClickMeeting users to:

  • Share pre-recorded webinars and promote their webinar content
  • Increase their number of leads – interested prospects leave an email address to get access to the webinar
  • Give their attendees unlimited access to  pre-recorded webinars
  • Engage their attendees with effective follow-up


“We’re extremely happy to give our users access to this feature,” said Raymond Dziemaszkiewicz. “We believe that there’s nothing more important than having multiple ways to engage with your audience. In the near future we’re going to make this feature even more amazing, so stay tuned.”

About ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is a browser-based platform for hosting webinars and training sessions. Since the platform is browser-based, ClickMeeting works on all devices and operating systems. It also does not require software installation. Its user interface has all the tools necessary to make webinars engaging for attendees and cost-effective for organizers. It also allows users to customize the elements to create a personalized brand experience.

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