Introducing improved Webinar Room Layout

Introducing improved Webinar Room Layout


We want you and your audience to have the best experience with our software. We listen to your feedback very carefully and thanks to you, our platform is better and better every day!


Today, we’re happy to introduce some changes we’ve made in our webinar room that will help you better navigate your webinar room!


From now on you can adjust a view of your Chat Pod and the Attendee List, so you can focus on the window that you need the most at the moment. But guess what, you’re not the only one who can make those changes! Your attendees can adjust their view as well.


What does it mean?


1. Chat Pod and the Attendee List are not separate tabs anymore. Drag one window over another to change the view and choose which element you want to see on the screen.


2. Attendee List view is now divided into three groups:


  • Presenters
  • Attendees in the webinar room
  • Attendees in the Waiting room


3. You also get access to the search box, so you can easily find particular attendee or presenter on the list.


We hope you will find these changes useful and you will share your feedback with us.



Best regards,

ClickMeeting Team

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