Introducing a brand-new webinar room – now in OPEN BETA!

March 26, 2018 – ClickMeeting, a premier webinar software provider for businesses, has officially released an OPEN BETA version of its brand-new webinar room.
After several months of intense testing among selected users, ClickMeeting has decided to launch an open beta version of its rebuilt webinar room. From now on, all ClickMeeting users have access to the new room and its features.
“We’re very excited to finally share our work with our users. For the last couple of months, we were entirely focused on gathering feedback and implementing suggested improvements to the new room, so it meets our users’ needs”, said Rajmund Dziemaszkiewicz, ClickMeeting Product Owner. “The new room design is based on the latest UX trends and is easier to use. We’ve also added new features and integrations making the overall webinar experience much more focused and productive.”
What’s new?

With the redesigned and rebuilt webinar room comes a range of new features, including:

  • Question Mode, which enables hosts and presenters to add selected chat messages to the question list to be answered later in the event.
  • Recording Layouts, where users can choose from various room layouts for the webinar recordings, depending on what they want to focus on.
  • Call-to-action pop-up, which enables hosts to redirect the attendees from the webinar room to any external URL.

“These are only some of the new features available in the new, OPEN BETA room, and we’re going to introduce more later this year,” continued Dziemaszkiewicz. “The work on our new room is not finished yet and we look forward to sharing all the news and updates we’ve prepared for our users in the coming months.”
To learn more about benefits that come with the new room, visit ClickMeeting blog.
About the company

ClickMeeting brings the power of webinars to organizations of any size, from one-person firms to multinational corporations. The web-based solution is easy to use and covers the entire webinar process, from preparation to presentation. We help businesses from interaction to follow-up. ClickMeeting is perfect for gathering your target audience to convey knowledge, demonstrate expertise, and generate sales.

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