Stand Out from the Crowd with Stunning Unsplash Photos

Let’s face it – appearances influence our personal, business, professional, and hiring decisions. Why? Because they have an impact on our emotions. And beautiful photos trigger the emotions that drive us to make a final call.

That’s why we provide a solution to take your webinar appearance to the next level and impress your audience like never before! With a wide choice of amazing free photos from Unsplash stock, you can now make your webinar pages look remarkable.

How do you do it?

  • Go to your Appearance Settings in the upper right corner of your account
  • Go to the “Search” field above the photo samples
  • Type a keyword, for example: “travel” Scroll down the gallery and choose your perfect photo!

You’re all set!

  • Don’t know how to choose the right photo? Use a keyword that describes your business or category.
  • Prefer a plain background? Type in the name of the desired color in the “search” field and find the best match among the results.


The new photo will be on all your webinar pages, including the webinar room and registration page.

Check out Unsplash’s anything-but-ordinary stock photos to enhance the look of your webinar today! To learn more about the feature and its benefits, visit our website!


ClickMeeting Team

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